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    Are you searching for your dream home in a location with a small-town, suburban feel?

    Davidson Homes is offering homes for sale in Cartersville, GA, built in a selection of the most stunning communities the Peach State offers.

    Our homes for sale near Cartersville, GA, have received tremendous interest, given the city’s growth, job opportunities, and cost of living. It’s also appreciated for its nearby transport links, museums, and vibrant shopping and dining districts.

    Cartersville is a beautiful place to start a family, pursue a career, or simply settle down.

    Secure the home you have dreamed of with Davidson Homes in Cartersville today.

    Listings for houses in Cartersville have grown in recent years as new residents take advantage of its parks, low real estate prices, and excellent schools.

    Select your desired home type from a range of floor plans designed by the team at Davidson Homes. We build properties that maximize every square foot with top-quality amenities.

    Homes for sale in Cartersville, GA, have never been more affordable. Take advantage now while Cartersville remains one of Georgia’s best-kept secrets.

    Facts about Cartersville, GA

    Cartersville is a distant suburb of Atlanta, one of America’s premier cities. You can access Downtown Atlanta within 40 minutes. However, Cartersville has plenty to offer residents who prefer to stay closer to home.

    You will find plenty of restaurants with world-class cuisine, a charming downtown area that has preserved its history, and regular events to suit all tastes.

    Listing prices for new homes for sale in Cartersville, GA, remain affordable but now is the time to buy because the market will only get hotter.

    Overall, entrepreneurs and young professionals will find moving away from Atlanta into Cartersville will save them significantly.

    Suburbs of Cartersville, GA

    With a population of just over 23,000, Cartersville, GA, is a tight-knit community with a selection of beautiful neighborhoods.

    You will find 20 parks scattered around the city, and you will never be more than a couple of miles from the Main Street Shopping Center, Publix Super Market, Kroger, and the Cartersville Plaza Shopping Center.

    Each of the suburbs of Cartersville offers a similar feel. Our communities are designed to have larger yards, where residents never feel like they live on top of each other. The makeup of the city’s neighborhoods makes it an excellent place for young children and growing families.

    Schools in Cartersville, GA

    Choosing new homes for sale in Cartersville, GA, provides your family access to a sound school system within a comfortable community.

    Some top local schools within the Cartersville City School District include Cloverleaf Elementary School, Cass Middle School, Woodland High School, and Cartersville High School. Students at all levels perform well in standardized testing.

    Although Cartersville doesn’t have any large universities, there is a selection of colleges nearby. Top-rated colleges include Kennesaw State and Reinhardt University.

    Things to Do in Cartersville, GA

    Cartersville is a real Georgia gem. While Atlanta is packed with sights to see and activities to do, Cartersville offers plenty of places for locals to enjoy!

    Our new construction homes in Cartersville, GA, put you within easy reach of some of the city’s top attractions for a fun family day out.

    Start at the Bartow History Museum, housed within a well-preserved brown brick building. Learn more about the history of Bartow County, which chronicles this region from its time as a Cherokee territory.

    Head down to Lake Allatoona, noted for its twisting shoreline. Also known as Allatoona Creek, a favorite local past-time is strolling the shore. It is also the city’s primary source of drinking water, meaning the area’s water is clean.

    Your property will be close to one of the area’s most recognizable attractions: the historic downtown shopping district. You can indulge in some luxury retail therapy as you explore this charming city.

    Most stores in the downtown district are independent shops specializing in antiques, collectibles, fine art, and everything in between. You will also spot some historic structures that commemorate the town's history, including its role in the Civil War and the expansion of the American railway system.

    Our Communities

    Davidson Homes has worked to build affordable new homes in Cartersville, GA, for eager homebuyers. We have pinpointed prime real estate and designed a selection of functional floor plans with modern appeal.

    Learn more about the available homes within our communities on our website. Get in touch with us for the latest information about current and future listings.


    Become part of a thriving new community in Riverwood. Our functional floor plans provide various amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and clubhouse.

    Choose from a selection of homes for sale in Cartersville, GA, in the Riverwood community, and never be more than a few minutes from the historic downtown shopping district.


    Our second community in Cartersville is Mountainbrook. This stunning community comprises a 6,000-square-foot clubhouse, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, basketball courts, and a tennis court.

    Mountainbrook is designed to give its residents everything they need for work and pleasure.

    Davidson Homes provides four single-family home designs, complete with the option of an unfinished basement. Pay a visit to Mountainbrook and see some of the best homes in Cartersville, GA.

    The Benefits of a New Home

    Most home purchases begin with examining the existing home market. Existing homes come with many obstacles that can make the moving process challenging and drawn out.

    Opting for a new home directly from the builder offers numerous benefits you may want to consider when purchasing your forever home.

    Start Fresh

    All homes have the potential to experience problems, but the chances are significantly lower with a new construction home.

    Moving into an existing home means relying entirely on the results of an inspection, which costs hundreds of dollars alone. That’s the last thing you want when investing thousands in your home purchase. New constructions receive a new home warranty to protect you if you discover any problems during those pivotal first months.

    Working directly with Davidson Homes on your move-in ready home also gives you the support of a premium builder with a reputation for high-quality builds.

    Smarter, More Convenient Homes

    Older homes are notoriously energy inefficient. Heating and cooling in these homes are problematic due to a lack of modern insulation. It means a larger carbon footprint and higher utility bills.

    Soaring inflation and concerns over the climate mean homeowners want to ensure they do their part to reduce their energy consumption. Everyone can play their role, but older buildings are far more challenging to manage in this respect.

    New homes are more convenient to manage because they come with state-of-the-art HVAC systems and premium insulation as standard. These added green features will reduce the strain on your home’s heating and cooling systems, thus consuming less energy.

    New construction makes heating and cooling your home through the seasons easier.

    A New Community

    Davidson Homes has participated in building projects throughout growing communities close to major cities across the southern United States, including Atlanta. These communities have proved immensely popular as many people look to move away from urban strongholds to take advantage of more space, less pollution, and a slower pace of living. New build communities are ideal choices for people looking to make a big move.

    Moving into a new construction often means you’ll be living in a tight-knit community. Newer communities make it easy to build strong bonds and grow with those around you.

    Functional Floor Plans

    Older homes were designed with different styles in mind. Unless you compromise on things like your home’s layout, the number of beds, or yard space, you will need to invest substantial amounts in updating your home.

    Our various floorplans originate from extensive research into the needs of contemporary homeowners. We are building homes for the homebuyers of today.

    We can also work with you to develop your perfect home from scratch by tweaking our existing floor plans. New build homes mean you never have to compromise on the layout and features as you plan out your new space.

    Make Savings on Maintenance

    Major home features, like the roof, HVAC, plumbing, and electricity system, are big-ticket items that require occasional repair or replacement. Your home insurance may cover some of the costs, but you will likely still need to pay significantly out-of-pocket.

    For example, the average HVAC system may last just 15-20 years, meaning buying an existing home could mean paying for a new system within a few short years.

    Newer homes have brand-new, cutting-edge features. You significantly save on maintenance, thus reducing the overall costs of your new home.

    New Home Warranties

    Davidson Homes goes above and beyond the conventional warranties you may have received when purchasing an existing home.

    New home warranties provide extensive coverage for the building’s structure and the home's major features. Existing homes for sale in Cartersville, GA, are unlikely to offer any protection or warranty.

    You are covered if something substantial goes wrong with your home while it's under warranty. Existing homes have no such protections.

    More Personalization Options

    Everybody wants a home that matches their personality and design aesthetic. We believe that you should never have to compromise on this.

    If you purchase a home that hasn’t been built yet, you are beginning with a new slate. No outdated shag rugs, outdated wallpaper, or excessive wood paneling to remove.

    With a new build, you have more personalization options so that you can put your personal touch on your home. There’s nothing more exciting to say than you were able to build your house just the way you wanted to.

    Davidson Homes has a range of planned communities and building projects in progress. Contact our team to talk more about your customization options.

    Less Wear and Tear

    Wear and tear are a natural part of owning your own home. Over time, situations will come up, and you will need to repair or replace various parts of your home. There is no getting around this.

    The issue of wear and tear becomes more common in older homes. Historical homes are notorious for requiring thousands of dollars in investment annually to keep them in good condition. Plus, you may be prohibited from taking preventative action that could negate these costs.

    An advantage of newly built homes for sale in Cartersville, GA, is you’re getting everything new. Wear and tear are unlikely to become a factor for at least the first few years after moving in.

    Never underestimate how much money you can save when you purchase a new construction home.

    Increased Resale Value

    One of the greatest advantages of purchasing a new construction home is the increased curb appeal and the possible resale value of homes in new, developing communities.

    Home values tend to increase over time, and buying a new build may increase your chances of getting top dollar if you ever plan to sell the home.

    Many homebuyers don't want to assume the responsibility and risk of purchasing an existing home or fixer-upper that needs a ton of work. When you buy a new construction, you're getting a more modern and updated home compared to other existing homes in the area, which can work to your advantage regarding resale.

    Make the Purchase Easier

    At Davidson Homes, we want you to have the best possible purchasing experience from start to finish.

    Deciding on a new-build means you can avoid much of the hassle that comes along with buying an older home.

    Transactions involving newly constructed homes are faster because your developer will handle most of the forms. You won’t have to deal with existing occupants or chains.

    At Davidson Homes, we want you to be able to initiate your move as soon as possible, and we do everything we can to facilitate that.

    Extra Amenities

    Neighborhoods are only as good as the amenities they provide. Driving 10 miles down the road to get anything done can quickly take away the attraction of even the most beautiful houses for sale in Cartersville, GA, or anywhere else for that matter.

    New communities are constructed with brand-new amenities designed to serve your needs. Our builders choose prime real estate to build our neighborhoods on. We also focus on transport links, green spaces, and proximity to commercial districts.

    If you’re moving to Cartersville, GA, homes for sale in Davidson’s communities give you the tools you need to build a life you love.

    New Home Construction in Cartersville, GA

    We want you to find your forever home to begin the next chapter in your family’s story. New communities are springing up around Cartersville, GA, with neighborhoods to match your current and future lifestyle.

    Start your search for the perfect home by exploring our communities and everything they have to offer.

    Our communities are designed with easy living in mind. They include intelligent design, spacious floorplans, and the amenities the modern homebuyer seeks.

    Inspect our range of floor plans in Cartersville, GA. Get in touch if you’re interested in learning about our floor plan personalization options.

    With our new homes, we are always willing to accommodate requests. We do our best to create the right living space for you.

    You are welcome to visit our communities to see your future home. Schedule a visit and receive a complete guided tour of any homes for sale you are interested in.

    If you haven’t found the home you’re looking for just yet, Davidson Homes is constantly building new communities. Just contact us to learn more about our locations!

    Davidson Homes also works with local lenders to provide competitive financing to our buyers. We only work with reputable, trustworthy lenders who can provide fair rates for homebuyers. Applying for your mortgage through Davidson Homes Mortgage is simple and convenient.

    After deciding on the home you want and securing your mortgage, our team will work to process all the paperwork so you can begin your new life in Cartersville without delay.

    Buying homes for sale in Cartersville, GA, is designed to be simple. Our seamless process aims to help you seamlessly find the home you have always dreamed of.

    Why Davidson Homes?

    Davidson Homes has been in the business of building new, modern homes for homebuyers since 2009. Our philosophy has always been that everyone deserves a home that is right for them.

    We construct our homes with all groups in mind. All our new communities have been built on top-tier real estate with layouts to suit the wants and needs of every type of buyer.

    Whether you’re growing your family, beginning a new career, or starting the next chapter of your life, Davidson Homes has the perfect design for you.

    Our contractors are committed to constructing quality homes to last for decades. We utilize the highest quality materials to build the features you will appreciate.

    The home buying process can be challenging, especially if this is your first purchase or you’re going through this process alone. Choosing to work with Davidson Homes guarantees a developer who will guide you every step of the way, from learning how to sort through various floor plans to applying for your first mortgage.

    Get a superior design and finish for your house. Buy a home you can really be proud you purchased.

    Contact the Davidson Homes team to view our latest listings, secure your mortgage, and move into your dream residence now.

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    Welcome to Mountainbrook, where luxury living meets southern charm. Our community is nestled in the heart of historical Cartersville, Georgia and boasts an array of enviable amenities. With an enormous 6,000 square foot clubhouse, fitness center, Jr. Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, as well as a children’s playground, Mountainbrook has something for everyone. Our charming community features four luxurious single-family home designs, all with unfinished basement options and one owner's suite on main plan. Residents can enjoy easy access to Cartersville’s shopping, dining and entertainment, with downtown Cartersville just minutes away. Don’t miss your chance to make this stunning community your new home. Contact us today!





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    Stegall Village

    Welcome to Stegall Village, a new townhome community brought to you by Davidson Homes in Cartersville, GA. This expertly designed community will feature townhomes that are sure to fit your unique lifestyle. Stegall Village is conveniently located just minutes from Downtown Cartersville, providing you with the best dining, shopping and entertainment options in the area. Located just across the street is LakePoint Sports, a huge athletics venue featuring an array of fields & courts, a wakeboarding lake & sports camps. Davidson Homes is proud to be a part of this growing community. We'll keep you informed every step of the way as our community develops. Be sure to join our VIP list for exclusive updates, news and information about homesite availability, floor plans and more.



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