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July 27, 2022|Blog

Guide to the Homebuilding Process

Looking to build a home but aren’t sure how it works?
You’re not alone! We've made a guide to the homebuilding process that will help you better understand the steps we take from start to finish when we build your new home. We’ve outlined the process in 10, easy-to-follow steps.

1. Site Preparation – First things first, pick your homesite! The ground will need to be inspected and leveled to prepare for the type of foundation chosen for your new home. The appearance could vary if you have a basement or concrete slab foundation.

We will:

  • Survey foundation location
  • Prepare homesite for construction
  • Prepare concrete based on foundation type
  • Have homeowner pre-construction meeting

2. Foundation and Framing – Once your chosen homesite has been prepared, construction will begin. During this step, foundation is being poured and framing is constructed/installed.

Our next steps:

  • Pour and construct foundation
  • Frame home including floors, walls and roof
  • Install windows and doors

3. Install Mechanical Systems – At this point, the water, sewer and electrical workings of the house have begun to be installed. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning ducts have also been put into place.

Then we'll install:

  • Water supply lines and sewer pipes
  • Bathtubs and shower units
  • HVAC ductwork
  • Low voltage and electrical wiring

4. Rough Inspections and Insulation – Now we’ve come to our first set of inspections. You’ll have plenty of these before closing! All the installations from the previous step now are being inspected to make sure they’re up to code.

These steps include:

  • Install air seal to prevent air filtration
  • Have inspections for electrical, HVAC, framing and insulation
  • Have homeowner pre-drywall meeting

5. Drywall and Exterior Finishes – Your new construction is starting to resemble a home! The interior has finished drywall and the exterior is getting the design of your choosing.

We will:

  • Hang tape and finish drywall
  • Install exterior finishes (vinyl, fiber cement, brick and stone)

6. Interior Trim and Driveway – Bigger accents in your home are arriving and are being installed. Fireplaces, cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms, and walls are being painted/trimmed.

Our next steps:

  • Install cabinets, vanities and fireplace mantles
  • Install interior doors, window sills and trim
  • Prime and paint
  • Form and pour driveway and lead walk

7. Initial Flooring and Countertops – It’s come time for the installations of your flooring (that isn’t hardwood or carpet) and countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Then we'll:

  • Install ceramic tile and vinyl
  • Install kitchen and bathroom countertops

8. Exterior Grading and Mechanical Trim – Some yard work has begun to ensure you don’t have any standing water on your homesite, because who wants to wade through puddles every time it rains? Bathrooms are being finished as the key items are installed and switch plates are placed throughout the home.

These steps include:

  • Complete exterior grading of homesite to ensure proper drainage
  • Install faucets, toilets and shower trim
  • Install electrical outlet plates and switches

9. Finish Flooring and Exterior Landscaping – Now the hardwood and carpet can be installed, as most of the messy construction is completed. If you have a walk-in shower, your doors are installed, as well as the mirrors in the bathroom. On the outside, your sod, trees and plants have appeared! Shrubbery will bring the exterior to life.

We will:

  • Install hardwood, EVP and/or carpet
  • Mirrors hung
  • Install shower doors
  • Finalize exterior landscaping

10. New Home Orientation (NHO) with the Community Construction Manager (CCM) – Final inspection time! An outside inspector reviews the entirety of the house and provides the report to yourself and Davidson for any last-minute fixes. Once any issues are resolved, your Community Construction Manager will go through your New Home Orientation and warranty.

Last steps are:

  • Complete final inspections and certificate of occupancy
  • Have 2M inspection provided by 3rd party
  • Have new home orientation with Community Construction Manager to introduce you to your new Davidson Home
  • Review warranty coverage and post-closing procedures

After this, your new home is complete! Once your closing process is final, you’re free to move in and make it your own.

Still have questions about the homebuilding process? Davidson Homes can help! Contact us via our website or give us a call at (877) 999-2009.

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