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August 11, 2022|Blog

Built Better - Why We Partner with 2M Quality

Davidson Homes hires 2M Quality to provide third-party inspections at no cost to our homebuyers to ensure an exceptional move-in experience.

What is a 2M Quality Inspection?

A 2M Quality inspection is a thorough look at all the finished details of your new home by a professional third-party. They check and double check to ensure everything's right.

How Does It Work?

Davidson Homes completes your new home, then hires 2M Quality to inspect and identify any deficiencies. After Davidson Homes addresses these items, 2M Quality returns to reinspect and ensure 100% completeness to all items noted.

What’s the Difference?

While a county building inspection is looking at construction passing minimum building code, a 2M Quality inspection is making sure your home’s workmanship is top-notch!

For example, a building inspector will make sure a light works. A 2M Quality inspector will make sure the light is installed level and tight to the wall, and that the light fixture is free from scratches or defects.

How Does a 2M Quality Inspection Benefit You?

  • Your home is 100% ready for your new home orientation and closing
  • Deficiencies are found and resolved before you move in
  • Fewer warranty calls to your new home
  • Guaranteed attention to detail in your new home
  • Your new home should be inspected by someone in addition to the builder - 2M takes care of that!

At Davidson Homes, we're about putting our homebuyers first, and 2M Quality inspections are just one way we show it.

Ready to find your new home? Reach out now, or give us a call at (877) 999-2009.

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